Indeed, learning never stops. The new normal for meetings and conferences is now via online platforms. Thus, in response to the requests from the audit agencies for a comprehensive and customized training on appraisal and disposal of unserviceable properties, an Online Briefing on Appraisal and Disposal of Unserviceable Government Properties was organized by COA Regional Office No. XI, Audit Group of National Government Sector Cluster 5-Education and Employment, State Universities and Colleges and Stand Alone Agencies, and was attended by approximately 1,800 participants from various national agencies, local government units and government owned and controlled corporations all over Region XI and neighboring regions, last October 21, 2020 (Batch 1) and October 30, 2020 (Batch 2), 8:00AM to 1:00PM, via Zoom Online Conference Application.

Regional Director Roy Ursal addressed the participants through his welcome address while RSA Rita Angelyn Torino gave a brief background on the objectives of the briefing and the legal bases of appraisal and disposal process in the government. The topics discussed were as follows: Phases of Property and Supply Management, Theories in Appraisal of Government Properties, Objectives of Appraisal, Appraisal Process Flowchart, Documentary Requirements for Appraisal, Principles in Computing for Appraised Value, Revised Formula on the Appraisal of Government, Flowchart, Guidelines and Procedures for Disposal, Forms and Documentation necessary in the Disposal Process, Constitution and Function of the Disposal Committee, Modes of Disposal and Dropping of Properties in the Books of Accounts.

To facilitate a smooth flow of lecture and discussion, the resource speakers have already pre-recorded their power point presentations using the latest technology/applications and video maker. Another unique feature of this e-learning activity is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which were based on the questions submitted in advance by the participants and auditees. These FAQs and the corresponding answers were presented after the showcase of pre-recorded lectures, but these do not stop the participants from asking additional questions or clarifications even as the answers are to be eMailed to them individually. They were also provided with copies of Manuals, Circulars and other legal bases which they can download and use as references for their appraisal and disposal activities.

The participants of the briefing are the Heads of Agencies, Chairpersons and Members of the Disposal and Appraisal Committee (DAC), Property Officers, Accountants and Bookkeepers, and they were all accepting the challenge to apply their learnings in their respective government agencies.

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The Audio-Visual Presentations Oct. 21, 2020 Online Briefing

The Audio-Visual Presentations Oct. 30, 2020 Online Briefing

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The Certificate of Attendance Oct. 21, 2020 Online Briefing

The Certificate of Attendance Oct. 30, 2020 Online Briefing

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