Committed with strong determination and foresight in ensuring that cash and cash accountabilities in the hands of 2,617 Accountable Officers (AOs) in the National, Corporate and Local Agencies are adequately protected and that internal controls are in place insofar as the keeping of government funds is concerned, COA Region XI Auditors have hurdled the greatest challenge of examining the cash and cash accountabilities of these AOs in their respective agencies.

The conduct of Cash Examination by Auditors should have been a smooth sailing activity had there been no crisis like the COVID 19 Pandemic.  There is no greater challenge than being able to cash count the AOs amidst observing the health protocols like social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing of face shields and masks, and disinfection of the work areas.  Despite the odds, this once-a year mandatory audit activity of cash examination was significantly achieved by the Auditors of COA Region XI.

Of the 2,617 AOs in Region XI, 2,590 of them or 99% was cash counted as of December 28, 2020. A total of  908 Cash Examination Reports (CERs) or 35% were already submitted to the Supervising Auditors or the Regional Supervising Auditors. The CERs are expected to be submitted in December 2020 or in the first 3 months in CY 2021.

The following table shows the Status of Cash Examination conducted on all accountable officers in Region XI as of December 28, 2020:

Local Government Sector


National Government Sector


Corporate Government Sector

CER- Cash Examination Report

SA - Supervising Auditor

RSA- Regional Supervising Auditor


These data showed the resilience of COA Region XI state auditors in facing the challenges brought by the pandemic.  COA Region XI is always mindful and keeps track of its commitments towards the mandate of Commission on Audit in ensuring accountability of public resources.

Time and again, COA Region XI under the leadership of Regional Director Atty. Roy L. Ursal has shown and proven its determined focus, effort and commitment in facing the challenges brought about by COVID-19 Pandemic and still delivers its expected outputs. It must be noted that last May 30, 2020, it has transmitted 100% of its Annual Audit Reports and Management Letters to the audited agencies and have all of these reports posted in the COA Website within the time set by the Commission on Audit.